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Design Harvests in (very) short

this is a presentation I included in the application for the ECSEL fund. Is a nice story to support entrepreneurial development focussed on social innovation in Asia; and in China entrepreneurship is the trend and one of the keyword (together with harmony and sustainability). I didn’t get the fellowship (and I missed another chance for New York) but I step into an interesting community of practice.
So after months of downdate about of all my researches and activities, I start sharing this, that introduce the framework of the research, what we do, who we are, our harvests, where we would like to go…
from this somewhere, I would have been first or later back.

DesignHarvests project aims to achieve sustainable and fair social and economic balance between city (Shanghai) and countryside (Chongming Island). We provide design solutions to bridge the proactive citizenship that looks for the immaterial values of local production (food, crafts, heritage
artefacts) with networks of villagers which production is soaked by heritage values, social meaning and quality factors, but is normally exploited by current urban sprawl. Therefore our design actions mainly based on participatory processes have social and cultural impact.
Our entrepreneurial moves lack of strategy and are affected by the slow mechanism of academic funding. Moreover, we are convinced that the challenges of social innovation need to be explored by business perspective in order to achieve significant material and systemic impact. Ecsel represents a truly valuable occasion for our team and network of partner to
improve the design practice at the crossroad between academy and industry.

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