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Creative Community, collaborative Network and digital Service

This paper has been presented at Connexity Conference, 8th European Academy of Design Internationl Conference, April 2009, Aberdeen, Scotland conference website

Creative Community, collaborative Network and digital Service,

An experience of design for social innovation towards

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Keyword: Creative community, social innovation, service design, collaborative network, sustainability


Social innovation is being considered as an important driver to sustainable society. And grassroots social innovations (creative communities) have been observed and studied as the promising cases of sustainable everyday life. The aim of this ongoing research is to focus the design role in enhancing

creative communities in network society, in particular to explore the new opportunities of digital collaborative
network as an enabling platform. This paper is an intermediate result of the research based on a design course (Final Synthesis Lab) in the programme of service design at the Politecnico di Milano, where the students developed seven service design concepts. The course is a part of the framework that collects several didactic and research initiatives towards design action within sustainability.
The analysis of the process and results of the course reports that: 1) Service design can play particular roles in promotion of social innovations in terms of local context, complexity of system and process of co-creation; 2) In information and network society, new opportunities can be generated into the collaborative network and digital service as enabling solutions and platforms for social innovation
towards sustainability.

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