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Ukiyoe is a style from japanese painting that describes the concept of fluctuating world by reproducing and drawing the beauty, the delicacy, the sensitivity, the transitory. (definition | images)

This word suggest that the fragmented and personal expression of the fluctuaction within worlds is the answer to transitory.

We are just practitioners, we fluctuate.

Urijoe comes from this inspiration, it is a vessel of fragments, minority communications, traces of travels.
It is an individual knowledge path, even mediated by dense schemas of references and participation; it builds and displays knowledge objects or sharing and communication experiments within the wide field of design culture and information technology disciplines.

These are just fragments, everything here is transitory.
For this reason, they are worth sharing.
In fact knowledge is a matter of community,
as we already learnt by living the Networks, where sharing and creative acting are common praxis, where contents spread over, where people cooperate without identities, where knowledge expands into public space.


“its’ just about knowing where everyone stands”

against me!

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